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SST Technology ensures

> Minimal power consumption.
> Low shear.
> Minimum process dwell time.
> Absolute minimal material degradation.
> Highest output / kW installed power in the market.
> Compactor technology, gives the highest output per screw diameter.
> With compactor technology, materials with up to 10% residual moisture can be processed with homogenous uniform output.
> Can be supplied non-vented or vented with a single or double vent.
> Multiple feed systems available, including elevator with integrated metal detector, roll-feed or trim basket feed (see ancillaries).
> Available in air cooled (up to the Integra 150) and water cooled designs.
> Select from manual, continuous, backflush or full automatic screenchangers.
> SY-View HMI Control.
> Smallest footprint extrusion machine available on the market.



PLASMAC’s patented Short Screw Technology means

> Minimal power consumption & the highest output / kW installed power in the market – gives you lower runningcosts so improves your return on investment.
> Low shear, minimum process dwell time and the absolute minimal material degradation – means you canrecycle all your scrap material in to high quality pellets, reducing your material costs.
> Compactor technology gives you the highest output per screw diameter – giving you the lowest investment cost.
> Compactor technology allows you to process material with up to 10% moisture with no pre–drying – means no other costly equipment is required and reduces maintenance.
> Smallest footprint extrusion machine available on the market – minimal floor space required freeing up valuable space for other applications.
> SY-View HMI Control - Frees up the operators to run other plant equipment, reduced personnel overheads.

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